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The New Cumberland Town Band is embarking on a program to help assure the Band’s financial 
future. Called “Leave a Musical Legacy,” its purpose is to create a permanent endowment 
fund to cover the Band’s annual operating expenses.

Over the next three years, the Band hopes to secure a total commitment of $250,000 from you 
and other supporters. In the past, the Band has relied on annual contributions from you, and the 
generous support of our downtown merchants. For this past and all of your ongoing support, the 
Band is truly grateful. However, prudent planning indicates the need for the Band to have a 
reliable, sustainable source of income to cover its expenses each year. This is the way most 
successful musical organizations operate, and the New Cumberland Town Band seeks to adopt 
that model. Our stated goal of $250,000, conservatively invested, will allow the Band to meet its 
annual budget each year.

We are asking our listeners to consider naming the New Cumberland Town Band to receive 
a bequest in your will. Many of you have probably remembered your church and other 
charitable organizations; we are asking that you also consider the Town Band in your bequests. 
Doing so will allow the Band to provide music in our town for generations to come - hence the 
name of our program, “Leave a Musical Legacy”. Your estate receives the benefit of a charitable 
deduction, your children receive the benefit of having a town band, and you have the satisfaction 
of helping to keep the tradition of band music alive in your community.

To participate in the program, we are asking for a minimum commitment of $5,000. Investing this 
amount at 4% is approximately the annual budget amount per Band member. So, think of your 
contribution of $5,000 as sponsoring one Band member. Sponsor one member or a whole section! 
Again, remember that we are not seeking a current contribution – only a designation through your 
will – so that you do not need to write a check today.

In addition to remembering the Band in your will, there are other ways to contribute that may offer 
you the additional benefit of an immediate income tax deduction. You may want to give stock, 
name the Band as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, contribute from your IRA 
account, or use other means. To arrange a private, confidential meeting to discuss your gift, 
your options, or to answer your questions, please contact Robert Romako, CPA (see contact info 
below) who is the Band’s coordinator for the program. There is no fee or obligation for this 
meeting, and your questions are always welcome. Mr. Romako is also available to discuss options 
with your attorney or other representatives, if you so desire.

Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of this program, and for your interest in 
keeping band music alive for future generations in New Cumberland.

Robert A. Romako, CPA

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